Palm Tree Removal Services: How They Are Removed

Palm tree services are a bit different from other tree services, primarily because of the various ways they are carried out. They are generally carried out on behalf of real estate companies that own large plantations and have been leasing out the trees for many years to local businesses. These businesses are also responsible for ensuring that the palm oil used on the furniture and other products does not end up on the beautiful palm trees.

palm tree removalPalm tree removal services usually involve taking away fronds, which make up the heart of the palm tree, along with the tree’s leaves. Fronds are made up of a network of branches that provide support to the main trunk of the palm tree. When these fronds are removed, it is left up to the pest controller to find and kill any pests inside the fronds. One of the most common pests in palm fronds is the rodent, the cat rodent. The cat rodent is small, about half an inch long, and loves to gnaw on the fronds.

Cutting and trimming are two essential parts of the process of removing fronds from palm trees. Palm trees are cut down to create space for the trimmings, which will all come from the same source. Cutting the palm tree often requires an axe, but when this is not possible, a chainsaw may be used. When trimming the fronds, special blades are used, and they must be replaced regularly so that the cutting is consistent and sanitary.

A pest control company can also be hired to do the cutting and trimming for a fee. The reason for hiring a company is that many different tools are used when performing this job. The technician hired for cutting and trimming must be well versed in using these tools because of how harmful they can be if not handled properly. A stump will often grow more prominent after being cut down, which means that a more considerable stump will require more cuts to make it smaller. It is wise to hire a palm tree removal services company because they will have several cutting tools available when this happens.