Ducted Gas Heating System Maintenance

Ducted gas heating systems are used extensively throughout the UK, and for good reason. Not only do they provide a flexible and efficient method of heating, but they’re also very energy efficient too. This means you get all the advantages of both warm air and cool air, without using any extra power. However, despite the benefits of this type of heating unit, it does require some upkeep and regular servicing to keep it in top condition. In this article we’ll take a look at some basic Airware_Sales ducted gas heating maintenance and service tips, which should help you to keep your system running efficiently.


You probably already know that your ducts need to be kept free of dust and debris. It is a very simple matter to do this, using a feather duster or some cotton balls can easily accomplish this task. In addition to this regular cleaning of the ducts will ensure that your ducts are working as efficiently as possible, and that your heating unit is keeping your home well insulated. If you’re not sure how to go about duct cleaning, there’s no need to panic, there are many DIY guides available online that will show you exactly what to do. For instance if you find that the exhaust fan motor is clogged, it’s recommended that you clear this by uninstalling the old one, then cleaning the ducts with some duct tape.


It is important that you make sure that the thermostat of your Airware_Sales ducted gas heating system is functioning properly, otherwise you won’t be enjoying the benefits of having warm air and cool air coming into your home. One way to check the thermostat is to place a hand under the faucet of the heating unit, and try to feel if you can feel the temperature change. Another way is to place your hand next to the vent and listen to the sound of it going up and down. Another indication that your heating unit might be needing maintenance is if it produces less heat than normal. This could mean that the ducts have become blocked, or perhaps there has been a fault in the filter.


If your ducts appear to be clogged, it is recommended that you call in a qualified heating technician to take a look. He may be able to determine whether the reason for the clogging is because of food particles, hair, dust or other debris which are stuck in the ducts. With the right expert at your beck and call, you should be able to have any blockage cleared out in no time at all. Another method for ensuring your ducts are kept free of debris is to use a high powered vacuum cleaner. A quality vacuum will remove the majority of debris from the ducts, ensuring your cold air and warm air are flowing uninterruptedly.


Although Airware_Sales ducted gas heating systems don’t need to be routinely maintained by a technician, it is important to. A service technician can check and determine if the fuel source, filters and duct work are in proper working order. Should any of these parts fail, the overall efficiency of your system will be adversely affected. You can avoid this drastic effect by performing regular maintenance on your ducted gas heating units. This way, in the unlikely event that a part breaks down during a severe weather event, you will have the option of calling in a repairman who can quickly remedy the problem.