Saint-Garde Silk Laundry – Timeless Style With a Twist

The concept behind Saint-Garde Silk Laundry is rooted in the sense of timelessness. All pieces are designed to be worn and enjoyed for years to come. This ethos of classic style and longevity permeates the entire collection. Founded in Canada, the brand has teams in Spain, Australia, and Canada. Each design is unique, making each piece a treasure to own. Read on to learn more about Silk Laundry. To shop the collection, visit

Made of 100% silk garment

Saint-Garde Silk LaundryA sandwashed silk garment is a type of fabric treated to make it softer. The resulting texture is very close to that of suede but without sacrificing the sheen of the silk. The fabric is also known as silk satin, which refers to a specific weaving method that creates a uniquely shiny surface. It is named after French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante. The fabric is very thin, with a high twist per inch.

Care instructions should always be followed carefully, however. Previously, it was thought that the only way to clean silk was to dry clean it. However, washing silk at home is perfectly acceptable. Silk is very delicate, and it is important to treat it carefully. Using the same cleaning products that you use on cotton t-shirts can ruin the quality of your silk garments. If the care label does say dry cleaning, follow the instructions strictly.

Made to be worn over and over

Founded in 2015, the Australian label Saint-Garde Silk Laundry focuses on classic pieces with timeless style. The brand was born from a passion for creating clothing that consumers can wear over. Each piece is designed with this ethos in mind. The brand’s products are designed for everyday wear and are crafted from the finest fabrics. The company is an international brand with roots in Canada and Australia. It collaborates with designers in Spain and Portugal to design unique pieces that stand the test of time.

Dry cleaning is the most popular method for washing silk garments. Although some pieces can be machine or hand-washed, dry cleaning leaves them wet. The liquid solvent is a gentle detergent that will not damage the material. Use cold water when hand washing silk clothing to avoid causing wrinkling. You should also try to wash silk garments separately to avoid colour bleeding and agitation.

Made to be biodegradable

Eco-friendly fabrics are becoming more popular with companies creating biodegradable products. This type of fabric breaks down naturally with the help of light, air, water, and microorganisms. However, these fabrics must decompose quickly and safely without releasing harmful toxins. This article explains the importance of choosing biodegradable textiles. If you consider purchasing a new piece of silk laundry clothing, consider these tips to make your purchase as eco-friendly as possible.

Natural fibres such as silk are biodegradable. However, many clothing items are made with synthetic fibres, including polyester. Polyester is the world’s most widely used synthetic fibre and is one of the biggest polluters in the fashion industry. The popularity of polyester is not linked to its environmental impact but rather to its affordability and durability. Some of the most common polyester fabrics decompose anywhere from 20 to 200 years.

Made to be comfortable

The Silk Laundry style is incredibly comfortable, and the delicate ribbed and fine-woven silk is almost unbearably soft. It feels as if it’s barely there, which is why Kolodinski designed her clothing for comfort and ease. The pieces are very flattering, too. The brand has since expanded to include animal-print dresses and a collection of men’s clothing. So it’s no wonder why these pieces are so popular.

While studying Chinese medicine, Katie Kolodinski found a niche for herself in fashion. She had a love for comfort and studied acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and creative arts like industrial sewing and picture framing. After she and her husband relocated to Montreal, Kolodinski bought an Australian lingerie label, and the owner decided that Kolodinski and her husband were the perfect matches.

Made to be luxurious

Saint-Garde Silk Laundry is an Australian fashion brand founded by Katie Kolodinski in 2015. The brand features sand-washed silk, which has a less lustrous finish. The clothing collection features a variety of pieces designed around classic silhouettes. These pieces include a nightie dress, cami, t-shirt, and shorts. Silk Laundry is a luxury clothing brand that offers beautiful pieces for any occasion.

Silk has a wide range of benefits. In winter, it provides warmth, while it keeps you cool in summer. Because it is so breathable, it can be stitched into loose-fitting clothes for easy airflow. Silk garments can also help keep the body cool during summer. Silk clothing is also extremely durable. It is a dream to wear. Silk garments will last for years, so you should invest in them now.